The daily practice

One of the common points between making art and moving, whether its yoga, walk, run or dance, is the commitment to the practice. Not an easy task. No one wants to do something every every every day, even if its what they are known for or even if they know how good it is for them. Some-days you just dont find it within yourself to get up and do it. That exact moment is the opportunity to win. because going for a walk or to the studio the day you want to do it its great but also so easy. But making yourself go for a run, or do your yoga practice on days you are in deep focus elsewhere, or simply dont feel like it, that moment that you say to yourself, I cant today, and turn it into 'sure I can', that moment gave you some inner power, not over someone else, but over yourself. And Inner power is golden. Allow me to quote Iron fist on this :) "With practice comes mastery. With mastery comes knowledge. With knowledge comes strength."