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Paula / Salsa dancer and teacher from Las Vegas

It’s kinda hard to take flight when the world is rumbling, and burning, while some of us humans are starting a war amongst each other.

If I was a nation leader I would issue a public announcement and say “hey guys, I know we have our differences, but before we fight each other can we go help humans and animals who are fighting a war against nobody?”

Mother Earth is so angry at us, she is pleading for help, trying to get you to see what is truly of matter but people have more ‘important agendas.’

Start at home people, make sure your home is free of wars, starting with yourself, love and take care of your mind, love and take care of those around you, and make a home for everyone who meets you.

Sometimes we feel like we wish we could do more, but starting with you is the BEST thing you can do.

“Hold a mirror to your heart. What does it reflect? What will be the message of the legacy we’ve left?”- climbingpoetree

@paulajordance on instagram.